Sunday, 28 October 2012

But who am i kidding?

For that moment....just that one blissful moment where were drunk and listening to music we love and everything else seems irrelevant, all our worries, stresses, hates and nightmares have dispersed because right now all that matters is the drink in our hand and the tune were hearing... how can alcohol be bad? when we feel so awesome like nothing else matters, we go into our own little world of amazing noise and self obsessed selfishness that nothing else matters.... why cant we experience this whenever we want/need without people looking down on us? sometimes, as humans, we need to be selfish, we need to forget, we need to feel like nothing else matters.... moderately ... why shouldn't we do this... tonight, should have been a disaster, i was supposed to be watching a film with my boyfriend but hes been out since i cant remember when doing car stuff - he needs to do it for his mot which is fair enough but its taking longer than ex[pected, the same happened last night...instead of sitting down angry at life and being bored, maybe crying at my own sadness, im having a drink, listening to music i haven't heard for ages and enjoying myself, im more pumped full of energy than i should be but thats cuz ive not taken my meds which i will in about 5 min when i go for a cigarette but having loadsa fun and not feeling sorry for myself (i prob will in the morning) but ill get over it, who cares about tomorrow, we only live once and were only young once....

live for today...not what could be... cuz what could be might not be xx

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